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I support mining; economically 360 jobs will be created working in the mines, with more than 600 support jobs being created as well – this according to the UMD Labovitz School of Business and Economics. There is a balance between when it comes to jobs and the environment. Twin Metals and Polymet will bring good paying mining jobs and economic stability to Northeastern Minnesota – mining and process facilities are designed to comply with all applicable state and federal standards to protect Minnesota’s natural resources which are one of the strictest standards in the country. Polymet has also made it clear that they will clean up legacy water issues. Furthermore, I will support rescinding the Obama era mineral withdrawal which will allow Twin Metals to move forward in the permitting process so that they can tap into the rich resources in the Duluth complex.


While canvassing the state and meeting with our True American Heroes, our Veterans, some of whom served in WWII – it is without a doubt, that Veterans deserve to be heard FIRST.
They volunteered to defend the country against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic, and they need to be given their due. Many are not recognized as the Greatest Generation, like those who served in the Korean and Vietnam Wars, many of whom were disrespected when returning home.
Many of these men & women suffer with some form of PTSD or Mental Health problem; they are turned away when looking for help or are to proud to ask… but it is time to reach out to those who defended our country and let them know that they are NOT FORGOTTEN.
They signed a check for their lives, they should be the first in line for any benefit provided by the city, state or the country over any other citizen, legal or otherwise. Veterans Choice, as suggested by President Trump, is a good first step and I will continue to support the President’s America & Veterans First Agenda.

Police & Military

As a strong advocate of Law & Order, I fully support our Law Enforcement & Military.
I will make sure our men and women in blue receive the tools necessary for them to stay ahead of crime and protecting citizens in the 21st Century.
As for our service men and women, they too will receive the best training and equipment to keep the world safe from domestic terrorists &  Islamic Extremists.  As our POTUS has received backing for the next two fiscal years, the US Military budget has a total of $1.4 Billion to ensure we remain the only superpower, and with the recommendation of Space Force (which I fully support), the United States will protect the final frontier, the universe.

Tariffs & Agriculture

Tariffs are a position of negotiation. I would prefer no Tariffs, but we are getting hit with tariffs when we export overseas. I appreciate our President fighting for fair & equitable trade. Previous administrations have made bad deals for America. Hopefully, negotiating from a position of strength will help lead to fair trade for both trading partners.
I’ve spoken with many farmers while traveling our beautiful state on our Greater Minnesota Tour. I understand their anxieties and how prices have affected their families & communities. I back the President’s agenda for U.S. Farmers – he’s leading from strength. In the long term, we’ll ensure farms are profitable.

Second Amendment


I am a prolife Catholic that believes in protecting the most vulnerable among us, and that is the unborn child. We have other options for very difficult pregnancies and decisions and I wouldn’t be here today to weigh in on this extremely important issue if my parents hadn’t chosen life. We would never want to prevent an opportunity for a unique and special human being to have a chance at life.

Health Care

Health care needs real reform. We should have a choice in private and/or government-sponsored plans. I firmly believe in the power of competition and that more is better.

Companies that offer health insurance to their employees should receive tax benefits. Individuals should be able to qualify and purchase insurance, whether they apply as an individual or under a group plan, and receive a tax benefit for their premiums.

I believe that everyone should have, at minimum, catastrophic health insurance so they are participating in the system and eliminate the risk of being denied for preexisting conditions.

States should decide how they handle health insurance, not the federal government. I support keeping MinnesotaCare and using it as a public option in our state. We should make it available to all full-time Minnesotans regardless of age, income or pre-existing conditions.

Mental Health

Bob is passionate about helping others. Bob cares about people and it’s why he’s dedicated his life to improving mental health in the state of Minnesota for the last 15 years; he experienced a life-changing event, having suffered from major clinical depression,  but has found his purpose as a mental health advocate to raise awareness and break the stigma associated with Mental Illness.

He hosts a local cable access show called Straight Talk in Hastings, Minnesota and hosted a cable access show called Inside Mental Health Issues in order to raise awareness of a national Bill in Congress named after former Senator Paul Wellstone, The Mental Health Parity Act.

Bob is a huge advocate for suicide prevention. Depression and suicide can affect people from all walks of life, it is not a character flaw, mental health does not discriminate. Even our strongest and most tough military members suffer.

With recent events across our country related to shootings and violence, Treating mental health issues will help prevent these tragedies.

Security & Immigration

Our first priority should be securing the border and keeping all Americans safe. We must enforce the laws that are already in place. Immigration is a great asset to America, but it must be done legally and through a vetting process. We are living in very challenging times and the more we can do to ensure safety is not only the right thing to do but also common sense.

Employers should pay employees a fair wage for the job they are to perform, regardless of who they are or where they are from.

We need to open a civil, statewide discussion on the ever-increasing Refugee Resettlement program in our state. We need to start with an independent audit to determine the extra costs we are incurring for education, healthcare, and other benefits. I am proud that Minnesota is a compassionate state, but costs incurred from this program are straining our state resources and should be funded by federal dollars.

Trades Careers

Not everyone is cut out for a four-year degree. I will be a huge advocate for jobs in the trades and small business manufacturing – these working-class careers are rewarding jobs that are still the backbone of this county.

We need people for the ever-changing job market demand in the technical, manufacturing, and trades industries.

As someone who has worked in the private sector as a tradesman for 42 years, I understand the value of making things and producing a product that has given me a very satisfying career.


It is time we make some changes to our K-12 education system.

My belief is that students should have 10 strong years of basic education with an emphasis on reading, writing, mathematics, and science. The final two years would be spent preparing for college, trade school, or other specialized training. This would not only better prepare students for the increased demand for higher education and specialized training, but also reduce student loan debt.

I also believe in school choice. Every student is unique and thrives in different learning environments. Parents should have a choice as to where their tax dollars are spent on education. We are spending plenty of money on education. The task now is to spend it more efficiently.